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Current Design Table Rounds:

Ends 06/05/2023 at midnight

Holiday 2023

We're on the hunt for designs that can bottle up the magic of the holiday season - a cocktail of nostalgia, joy, and that cozy feeling of togetherness.

Our festive lineup includes (but isn't limited to) Religious and non-religious Christmas greetings (most popular), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving, Diwali, and New Year. So don't hold back, let's see what you've got!

Submission Limits: 15 designs per artist total.

Submissions accepted 05/12 - 06/05/2023 as midnight PST.
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ends 06/25/2023 at midnight

Pattern Play

We love a good pattern! Think you've got a killer combo? We're here for it. Just keep it between 3 and 7 coordinating designs.

Whether it's abstract doodles, vibrant blooms, quirky food motifs, playful animal prints, or the serene beauty of plant life - it's all on the table.

Submission Limits: 5 sets per artist total. Sets must include at least 3 coordinating patterns and no more than 7.

Submissions accepted 05/12 - 06/25/2023 as midnight PST.
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end 06/30/2023 at midnight

Bring Everyday Moments to Life!

Whether it's for birthdays, thank-yous, or words of encouragement, we want to see your creative take.

From expressing friendship to comforting during tough times, to celebrating life's milestones - a new baby, a new home, a wedding - you name it! Use our "Cards By Occasion" and "Communities & Collections" menu items spark category ideas. Let your culture and personal experiences shine through.

And hey, if your design is versatile art with no message, we love those too!

Submission Limits: 15 designs per artist total per round.

Submissions accepted 05/12 - 06/31/2023 as midnight PST.
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We saved a seat for you at the Design Table.

By submitting to a design round, you're putting yourself in the running for our next hot-off-the-press stationery collection.

Imagine this: your designs, up for grabs on our site, and catching eyes in retail stores nationwide. And the cherry on top? You get a cut from every sale.

But wait, it gets better. As an affiliate, you can earn even more when a sale comes from your link. So rally your followers, get them hyped about your creative process, because their input could be the secret sauce that makes your submission sizzle.

Participation Guidelines

  • Originality is Key: Only submit your original work
  • Exclusivity: Make sure your design isn't available for sale anywhere else. If it is, please consider general licensing submission.
  • Variety, Please: We love seeing multiple designs, but let's avoid different versions of the same idea.
  • Keep it Inclusive: Offensive designs? Not here. We're all about unity and connection.

Submission Details

You will be submitting a low resolution version of your design.

  • The size should fit the front side of a vertical A2 card (final cut size is 4.25in width x 5.5in height). Make sure you include a buffer for cut & bleed - design with a canvas size of 4.5in x 5.75in (1350 px x 1725px).
  • This template can be used as a reference to ensure a proper fit.
  • Design with final submission specs in mind: 300 DPI and CMYK color (not RBG) for digital printing.

Tips For Your Submission

  • Find Your Vibe: Are you all about bold and vibrant? Maybe chic and sophisticated is your jam? Or perhaps you lean towards zen with a soft, organic color palette? Show us what you've got, we're into it all!
  • Get Feedback: Share what you're working on with family, friends, fans... People love to feel part of the process and you're getting real consumer feedback.
  • Voice & Tone: Humor, sass, heartfelt messages, wisdom, cuteness - we welcome it all.
  • For the Culture: Inside jokes and cultural nods are more than welcome. The more relatable, the better!
  • Food, Phrases, Pop Culture: Who doesn't love a good food reference or a popular saying? You can even slip in a bit of pop culture.
  • Go Further With Patterns: Take your design to the next level - make it a pattern. Pro-tip: Surface designs can be a goldmine, they can be applied to multiple products. We like pattern sets to include a hero, coordinate and blender designs. We prefer half drop but accept full drop also. Need help with these terms and guidance on creating patterns? Check out this resource about building a pattern set and this resource about common terms.

What to Expect

  • Your submission will be confirmed upon completion.
  • Submission review can take 3 weeks or more. Please expect to not sell these designs elsewhere for 60 days.
  • You will be notified about your submission results but we cannot guarantee individual feedback for each person or submission.
  • Stay on our email list for additional tips, opportunities and group submission feedback! We hope to build a more interactive community experience if there's interest.

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