Hey there, creative genius!

We believe that art should reflect the world around us, and that includes artists from all walks of life. It's time to shake up the stationery world and we want you to be part of it.

As a stationery brand that's pushing boundaries, we work with diverse artists to help them bring their vision to the world.

Here's what we're about:

Reflecting Diversity: We believe art should mirror our diverse world, and we're eager for you to join us in shaking up the stationery scene.

Global Impact: Our brand pushes boundaries, collaborating with artists of color worldwide. Our cards have made their way from local stores to major retailers across America and Canada.

Award-Winning Quality: We've bagged a Louie Award (the Grammy of Greeting Cards), making our artists award winners too!

Success Stories: Our artist partners have sold thousands of cards without owning a card brand, proving there's a market craving diverse perspectives.

Year-Round Representation: We're committed to amplifying underrepresented voices not just during heritage months, but 365 days a year. We're dedicated to fostering sustainable, valuable partnerships.

Ready to get your art out there and make an impact?

We've got two ways for you to get involved:

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