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Hey, we're CheerNotes!

If you’re like us, you know what it’s like to feel uninspired and unseen in the card aisle.

That’s why we’re creating a new-age stationery experience.

Representation Matters

You deserve designs and messages that feel like they were intentionally designed for you. A stationery brand that feels like it custom fits life and community.

So that’s what we decided to build! 

We shortened the distance between you and the niche indie brands and artists that design to amplify the communities they are a part of and love.

They design for your friends and family so you can share notes that actually feel like they came from you.

As a bonus, you not only get a mood boost from sharing good vibes, you also can feel good about your message being on forest-friendly products!  

Our mission is to help more communities feel seen and excited to connect through inclusive design.

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