Loving, Soulful, and Unique Greeting Cards, Thoughtfully Created by Little Feet's Opus

If you’re looking for greeting cards to ignite “all the feels,” this is the collection for you. Black women and African American culture are truly celebrated in each and every card.

Meet the Artist, Jean Marie Sanchez

"To create is truly a blessing and when one is blessed with the ability to take an idea from your mind and then express it in an art form is simply magical. Being able to share it and have others find joy, solace, or pleasure in it is priceless." -Jean S., Founder of Little Feet's Opus

Jean Marie Sanchez hails from the East Coast. She was born in Spring Valley, NY, and she currently resides in Hamden, CT, with her husband and two sons. Jean has her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from The City College of New York in New York City. 

After graduating, Jean has racked up over 20 years of experience in the design and construction fields. While she was staying busy as a professional architect, she began writing poetry and creating original artwork. She works in a wide array of mediums including watercolor, acrylic, and pencils.

Why Greeting Cards? 

It’s been in the most recent years that Jean has expanded her creative gifts into greeting cards. Her poetry and artwork make for a natural pair to create delightful and inspirational designs that bring joy and empowerment to her customers. Her mission is to “spread good juju around the world, one note at a time!” She truly believes that her natural ability to take an idea from her mind and be able to express it in an artistic way is simply magic. And we definitely agree! Her cards have the ability to help others find joy, solace, and pleasure in both the simple things in life and the challenging moments.

2022 Louie Awards Finalist for Writer of the Year

We aren’t the only ones raving about her poetic talents, either. Jean was recently selected as a 2022 Louie Awards finalist. The Louie Awards recognize the very best and brightest creative talents in the entire greeting card industry. All of the cards submitted were judged by a panel of experts from the art and design, publishing, production, sales, and retail industries. Otherwise known as the “Oscars of Greet Cards,” they are celebrated every year. One of Jean’s cards that was recognized cards can be found on our website, as well. Take a look HERE.  

Hear From Jean on the “Proof to Product” Podcast

If you want to get to know Jean on an even more personal level, go check her out on the Proof to Product podcast. Search your favorite podcast app to find the show. In her episode, Jean goes into detail on how she started her business, the first steps she took after attending the National Stationery Show, and why she chose to go the wholesale route rather than open a brick-and-mortar store. Something that’s very important to both Jean and CheerNotes is diversity and inclusiveness, and she talks about what inspires her to focus on both of these elements in her designs.

View Her Collection on our Website

See for yourself the kind of magic that Jean has created in her collection of greeting cards featured on the CheerNotes website. You’re going to find cards that inspire, motivate, validate, and celebrate you, and every other amazing human in your life. She has cards for moments that you didn’t even realize would justify a card until now. Browse through her whole collection and stock up while supporting black-owned and women-owned businesses! Check out the greeting cards HERE.

Become an Artist Partner with CheerNotes

Are you creating unique, diverse, inclusive, and original greeting cards, too? See if your work would be a good fit for our site. We are always looking for like-minded artists to help spread the CheerNotes mission. You can help us really make our mark as the go-to place where people who have been underrepresented by big box stores can finally feel seen and celebrated. Learn more HERE.