Learn More About Greeting Cards Created from Pretty Peacock Paperie

Get to know Natalie Henry-Charles, creator of fun, colorful, clever, and stylish greeting cards, and owner of Pretty Peacock Paperie.

Pretty Peacock Paperie’s Story

Pretty Peacock is a proudly black-owned stationery company based out of Winter Park, FL. They’re all about good times, chill, and sunny vibes, and they’ve come a long way since first starting out. During the first seven years of its life, Pretty Peacock focused exclusively on custom wedding and event invitations. 

Until one day everything changed. Founder Nat went through a traumatic near-death experience giving birth to her daughter which ultimately taught her that life is way too short and that we need to celebrate all of the little things in between life’s big events. After this realization, she also decided that her business would need to evolve as well.

Making the shift from custom greeting cards and gifts to full-time stationer was hard but also necessary. Pretty Peacock Paperie was born out of necessity and has turned into a “labor of love,” as they describe it on their website. 


pile of examples of Nat's cards

Nat’s Unique Design Aesthetic

A self-proclaimed lover of all things beautiful, and someone who does not shy away from bright, bold color, Nat’s designs definitely stand out from the crowd. She loves oversized, chunky patterns, bold typography, bright and saturated colors, and blown-out objects situated closely together. The messages on all of the cards are clever, creative, poignant, and perfect for those everyday moments that aren’t milestones but still deserve recognition. Every design she creates is like a surprise party on paper. Take a look at all of her designs available at CheerNotes HERE.

Balancing Family and Business

Nat has been married to her “dream man” for over a decade. She describes her husband Jeff as her problem-solver and tech-guru. He’s also a major source of inspiration and motivation to keep chasing her dreams. As with many businesses, it can get hard at times, but he has always encouraged her to keep going on her artistic journey.

Nat also has two children, and when you support her, you’re really supporting these two beautiful babies. They inspire her in everything she does, and she keeps working hard to set the example that they can do anything they set their mind to as well.

Acclaimed Greeting Card Artist

Nat is an artist through and through. She has a formal background in fashion, design, and art history, and she draws on this knowledge to create new cards and collections. Every piece of her stationary is originally drawn with her own hands. She doesn’t buy fonts or graphics so you know that when you give a card that she created to someone special they are receiving original artwork from the heart.

Show Your Support for Nat!

One of the things we take the most pride in here at CheerNotes is featuring such talented black female artists just like Nat. Take a look at all of the Peacock Paperie greeting cards we have available, fill up your cart, and place your order HERE.

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