Head Over to Foursided Chicago to Browse Unique Greeting Cards from CheerNotes in Real Life

Head Over to Foursided Chicago to Browse Unique Greeting Cards from CheerNotes in Real Life

After spending so much time at home and out of stores these past couple of years, it feels great to get out and shop! If you are in the Chicago area and need a unique greeting card, head to Foursided Chicago and pick out your favorites from the CheerNotes collection. 

More About the Foursided Story

The brick-and-mortar specialty store Foursided–with multiple locations throughout Chicago–was founded in 2001 by Todd Mack. The concept was to combine Mack’s love of art, framing, paper products, and beautiful gifts, and create more than just a store, but a place for people to gather and enjoy art together.

Art is the through-line at Foursided. Some people will come to get a piece of beloved artwork custom-framed to display throughout their home. Others will come to find a handcrafted card or purchase a handmade gift which in turn supports local and independent artists.

Their team is made up of more art enthusiasts who bring each of their guest’s “imagination to life” through the various framing services and curated goods that they offer. Plus - they’re dog-friendly! 

Foursided Andersonville

This is the largest of all their locations, so you are sure to find what you are looking for. In fact, you will probably fall in love with some brand new pieces of art or discover unique greeting cards in the CheerNotes collection that you’ll just have to take home.

Along with cards and gifts, the store also sells candles, locally made goods, Todd Mack originals, kitschy finds, and fabulous antiques. The next time you’re in Andersonville make sure to pay them a visit! 

Foursided Lakeview

2939 N Broadway is actually the original location, and it was opened by Mack as a picture framing gallery. As popularity grew and opportunities arose, they were able to give it a well-deserved renovation to add space for more treasures.

Now, Lakewood residents and visitors alike can stop in to take care of their custom framing needs, find unique cards from CheerNotes and a variety of other artists, comb through their collection of antiques and maybe find a treasure or two. Because the space is limited, the collection is highly curated so you know you’re always looking at high-quality items.

Foursided Custom Framing

Due to the high demand for their framing services, Foursided decided to expand their Andersonville location back in 2019 to include a dedicated framing space.

Not all art is created equal, and it takes a certain skill set to do it correctly. Their customers clearly recognize good work when they see it and have supported the framing side of their business consistently. They offer 200+ different framing options and have a highly skilled staff to execute the work to perfection.

Foursided Card + Gift

2958 N Clark St. is their second location and was formerly known as Twosided. This one was founded in 2003 as a sister store to the original framing location on Broadway.

The name was officially changed to Foursided, and it currently features a wide selection of greeting cards, unique specialty gifts, candles, vintage items, antiques, jewelry, local artist goods, and quirky things you didn’t know you needed. There is, however, no custom framing at this location, so keep that in mind when you go.

Learn About Carrying Our Cards in Your Store

We love all of our artist partners so much and it makes our hearts happy to see their thoughtful work on the shelf at an actual store! Foursided is a business that aligns with our values, as well, so it’s an honor to be able to get the word about them and support their business. If you can’t make it into their store, we invite you to look at our full selection of cards online HERE.