Greeting Cards that Beautifully Capture the Latinx and Hispanic Culture

The Latinx and Hispanic communities make up a major part of our society here in the United States and yet it’s not easy finding unique greeting cards specifically for them–until now.

You can find the birthday cards in the cover image HERE but we wanted to give some more inspiration from our collection. Here are some of our top picks! 

A Special Note to Grandma

Artist: Jesús R., Founder of Paper Tacos

Grandma’s hugs are the BEST, we all know that, and now you can let her know how special her hugs are in an adorable greeting card! This is a great choice for Mother’s Day, and you can use it for other holidays too. Grandma’s hugs are welcomed year-round, and she would love to get this card on her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just out of the blue to show her how much you care. The card is blank inside and the message is universal so you can use it for whatever occasion you want. Take a look at the sweet artwork and get yours HERE.

Say Thank You With a Sugar Skull 

Artist: Lucia S., Founder of Lucy Loves Paper

Bright and vibrant colors always come to mind when you think about the Lainx and Hispanic community, and this card represents just that. When you see the sugar skull you immediately know the cultural influence that this artist has in her work. The world needs more “Thank You” cards, and although the text is in Spanish, Muchas Gracias is such a well-known phrase that even your English-speaking friends will appreciate this card. It’s blank inside for your personalized message, and on the back, it gives you tips on how to repurpose the card. Pick up your copy HERE

Because the World Needs More Hugs and Kisses


Artist: Genesis D., Founder of Graphic Anthology

This simple message and simple design actually says so much! You can stock up on this card to give to family, friends, your partner, and even your children. The colors hint at Valentine’s Day, but you could absolutely give this to anyone, any time of the year. It could be a nice sympathy card too for those hard times when it’s tough to find the right words to say but you want to let someone know you’re here for them. This card also comes with a matching envelope, and you can pick yours up HERE.

Get Well Soon with Old School Remedies


Artist: Genesis D., Founder of Graphic Anthology

We’ve all had some type of salve or cream rubbed on our chest by our mom or grandma when we’re sick, right? The smell of Vix always brings back some type of memory! This card pays homage to the days of being taken care of with some of these older remedies that always seem to work much better than anything else. If someone is under the weather, or recovering from an illness, you are sure to make them smile with this card. Grab a few and save a trip to the store HERE.

To Remind them How Amazing They Are


Interior message: bueno para el alma, así que date el gusto

Artist: Jean S., Founder of Little Feet's Opus

Don’t we all need more self-care in our lives? If you know of an amazing person who is always bending over backward for others and putting themselves last, this is the card they need. The message is so poignant and the artwork is beautiful. Members of Afro-Latinx will really feel seen and represented through this card as well. Buy one for a friend and one for yourself and a beautiful reminder. Grab them HERE.

Join Us in Celebrating Latinx and Hispanic Culture

There are so many more vibrant, fun, funny, and representative cards to look through on our website. All of our Latinx and Hispanic artists are wildly talented, and we are always looking for more! If you are interested in having your work featured on our site, learn more and submit your portfolio HERE. If you are as passionate about diversity and inclusivity in the greeting card industry as we are, we would love to have you join the CheerNotes family.