Get Your "Thank You” Greeting Cards Online for Administrative Assistants Day (April 27, 2022)

Administrative Assistant’s Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April every year. Surprising your admin with a thoughtful card is a great way to show your appreciation. 

History of Administrative Assistant’s Day

The history of this day of recognition dates back to World War II when there was actually a shortage of administrative professionals. To highlight the profession and to attract more people to join it, the National Secretaries Association was formed in 1942, and National Administrative Professionals Day began that year. 

It’s gone through some changes over the years–it used to be in June, in the 50’s it was referred to as National Secretaries Week, in the ’80s the name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week, and in 2000 it because of Administrative Professionals Week, with the actual day being held on Wednesday. The name may have changed but the sentiment has not. Whether you have an admin or you are an admin, you understand how vital your work is to the success of your organization.

Here are some of our top picks to give your admin a well-deserved shoutout this year.

For the Admin who Keeps You Grounded

Artist: Tiffany G., Founder of Posterity Paper

This one would probably be well suited for someone who understands the importance of a high-quality bobby pin, too. The text is a play on words with the design which features an illustration of bobby pins and hand-written text. The warm golden yellow color with black text makes a bold statement. Whoever receives this card probably has well-kept hair and a great sense of humor. Check it out HERE.

For the Admin who Can Handle Your Big Personality

Artist: Verna S., Founder of Honest AF

This might be the most perfect card to give to an administrative assistant… ever. Let’s be honest–work can be stressful and admins keep the ship afloat. Depending on your industry, oftentimes the admin is the one to deal with the last-minute tasks, keep the whole office organized, and they usually deal with a lot of “colorful personalities.” From their own supervisors to clients or VIP guests, they put up with plenty of sh**. Your admin will definitely be grateful that their hard work is recognized, especially in a humorous way. Pick up yours HERE.

For the Admin who Has Been There Through Thick and Thin

Artist: Natalie H., Founder of Pretty Peacock Paperie

Finding staff that stays loyal and is in it for the long haul is pretty hard to come by these days. When you find that person who you know will stick by your side through thick and thin, you do everything you can to keep them around and keep them happy. If your admin has been with you for a long time, they undoubtedly have seen some ups and downs in the company, and maybe in your personal life as well. This simple, to-the-point, black text on a white background, gets to the point so the reader knows right away how grateful you are. Grab a couple to keep on hand HERE.

For the Admin Who Deserves the Most Praise

Artist: Jean S., Founder of Little Feet's Opus

This is such a thoughtful card and is perfect for an admin that you hold close to your heart. The artwork is all hand-drawn giving it a really customized feel, and the text reads like poetry. The color palette is bright and cheerful, and the inside is blank leaving you room to write your own customized message specifically for your admin. This card would complement flowers, balloons, or some kind of sweet treat perfectly, really highlighting your admin on their special day. Purchase yours HERE.

Mark Your Calendar and Pick Up Your Cards Now

A text message “thank you” is nice, but your administrative assistant deserves better than that. They are going to be so surprised that you took the time out to do something special for them on their day. We have even more Thank You cards to look through on our website as well. Browse through HERE and find the one that fits your admin’s personality perfectly. And if you’re a retailer wanting to learn more about wholesale, you can find more info HERE.