Find our Unique Greeting Cards at Womenscrafts in Provincetown

If you’re looking for unique greeting cards, gifts, and anything with a feminist twist, you have to check out one of our vendors, a little shop called Womenscrafts in Provincetown.

Learn More About Womencrafts

This is more than a gift shop. This is a destination for all members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies to connect, explore, and discover new artists, craftspeople, and definitely make friends. The shop has been in operation since 1976 and is proudly lesbian-owned. Their mission, according to their website, is to “promote the work of female artisans, authors, and musicians.” And they are doing an amazing job at it! 

Provincetown already has such a rich history and Womencrafts is one of its oldest shops and only one of 13 remaining feminist book stores in the entire United States. When you visit you can expect to see the work of over 100 female artists, and page through 1,000 books on topics ranging from women’s history, feminism, social issues, and so much more.

Womencrafts’ mission is still as relevant today as it was when it first opened in 1976, and it’s definitely one that CheerNotes is proud to support and be part of in our own way.

Meet the Owner, Michelle Axelson

Purchasing Womencrafts was basically a dream come to reality for Michelle. This is what she wrote on Facebook after the papers were signed and it was officially hers: “Exciting news! I bought an iconic institution, a lesbian landmark, a feminist fixture, the bookstore of my dreams!”

It was previously owned by Kathryn Livelli, and Michelle credits Kathryn and her generation of feminists for making her journey as a lesbian and now feminist bookstore owner an easier one. The rich history of the shop is what really inspires Michelle to honor its past while also keeping it fun and interesting for new and younger patrons.

One of the most special things for Michelle about owning Womencrafts is the stories that shoppers tell her about their visits to the store and how impactful and memorable they are. Women have used the shop as the location they choose to come out as lesbians, youth bring their parents to explore books about being transgender, and so much more.

What to Expect When You Visit

While the shop is self-proclaimed “feminist” there’s really something for everyone… which is, in and of itself, a feminist principle. Equality. Shoppers can find wedding and anniversary gifts, feminist baby books, political apparel that makes a real statement, thoughtfully curated collections of books and novels, poignant bumper stickers, and of course greeting cards created by our amazing artists! The store itself is situated in the Historic District right by the water and surrounded by a lovely selection of other locally-owned shops and restaurants so you can really make a whole day of it!

What Makes This Place so Special

As we all know, the world has been through a LOT in the past couple of years, and yet Womencrafts has survived. Along with a global pandemic, they have also survived online shopping takeovers, mp3s, ebooks, and Amazon… but why? Because none of those things can compare to the experience of walking into a physical book store where everything is written and created by women, and queer and gender studies aren’t shoved away hidden in the corner. Instead, they are all celebrated and proudly displayed.

Show Your Support for Womencrafts!

Learn more about Womencrafts and plan your visit to see our greeting cards in real life by going to their website: 

If you can’t make it but need unique greeting cards and also want to support a black and women-owned business, head over to our website and start shopping!