Diverse and Inclusive Mothers Day Greeting Cards Your Mom is Going to Love

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you do not want to forget to get her the perfect card. In the past, it may have been a challenge to find a card that represents your mom, but we solved that problem for you with our diverse and inclusive options. Here are some of our top picks. 


When You’re Still Struggling with the Rice

Mom, How Do I Make Rice?

Artist: Krisa T., Founder of Pyarful

The whole water-to-rice ratio thing can take years to master. Your mom is definitely going to appreciate the honesty and humor in this card. The mark of an amazing greeting card message is when reading it, you feel like the artist was in on your inside joke, and that’s exactly what this card does. If your mom is a culinary wizard who has been trying to teach you her ways, this is the perfect card for you. It will bring back so many fond memories of the two of you bonding in the kitchen, cooking meals for your family. Pick yours up HERE

To Honor the Generations that Came Before 

Remembering Her

Artist: Tiffany G., Founder of Posterity Paper

Memories of grandmothers who are no longer with us deserve to be cherished always and celebrated on Mother’s Day. You know how close your mom was to her mom, and the three of you probably have some wonderful memories together. If you want a way to really pay tribute to your unique bond, this particular greeting card is perfect for you. The colors are soft and warm, and the text and design are heartfelt and endearing, just like grandma. Purchase your copy HERE.

For the Dedicated Dog Mom in Your Life

Dog Mom Mother's Day Card

Artist: Tyler J., Founder of Siyo Boutique

You know that friend who treats her fur baby with the most love… maybe even a little cuteness obsession? This card is for her. Dog moms go through a lot for their pups, and their dogs are definitely part of the family. Walking, feeding, training, cleaning up after, and of course loving unconditionally–your dog mom friend is the best at it all. She would do anything and spend anything on her pup, so for all that hard work and dedication, of course she deserves to be recognized on Mother’s Day. Pick up your card HERE

When You’re Lucky Enough to Have Two Moms


Artist: Chelsea W., Founder of Sketchy Notions

Families come in all different shapes and sizes, and it’s not always the easiest to find a card that is made, with love, specifically for the amazing step-mom in your life. Blended families are the modern families, but still remain underrepresented in big box stores. This card shares a sentiment that many people have for their step-moms. The simple design clearly communicates the intention: that your step-mom is extremely important to you and that you’re grateful for everything she’s done to support you. Tell your friends with blended families about this card, and grab your copy HERE.

For the Fab Momma Who Means Business

Pillar, Force, and a whole vibe

By CheerNotes

It only takes one look at this card to KNOW if it’s a perfect fit for your mom or not. Because if it is, she’s definitely the kind of woman who shines in her role as the matriarch of your family. You look up to her for so many reasons. Her intelligence, strength, style, confidence, and grace. You have a FABULOUS mom and you know it, and you also know she would absolutely love this card, and really see herself in it. Show up for your mom as fiercely as she shows up for you with this card. Pick yours up HERE.

Celebrate Mom with the Perfect Greeting Card This Year

Now’s the time to get your Mother’s Day cards so they arrive in time for the big day! Browse through our full collection HERE and find the card that screams “this is perfect for my mom!” to you.