Crazy Good New Year Resolutions You Are Sure To Keep!

Time is flying at a rapid pace, and 2023 is fast approaching. You might be planning to organize a New Year’s Bash or looking forward to some quiet time with your loved ones. Either way, you hope to begin the next year with some positivity.

And, without fail, you will make some resolutions too!

New year resolutions are a centuries-old tradition. The Ancient Romans promised and vowed to god Janus to behave better over the next 12 months than the previous ones. However, ancient Romans were no different than modern-day beings.

They also found excuses not to complete their vows.

The Romans blamed it on the god Janus’ will, and modern-day humans criticize their busy schedules. We have been pledging to become better but abandoned the resolve midway. Maybe, it’s time to change.

Don’t make things too challenging, commence the new year by making some habits. Take a look at these rewarding resolutions for the following year. It is good, productive, and easy to keep.

Crazy Good New Year Resolutions Ideas for 2023


Start with something productive. Keeping a journal is simple and hassle-free. You can jot down all your goals and thoughts in one place. Take out 5 minutes every day to write things down. It can help you reflect on all things ongoing and upcoming in your life. Plus, it will validate your feelings and boost your self-esteem.

Go Outdoors

Life is too short not to experience the beauty of the world. Make it a habit to go on a hike or a small trip to stay in touch with your surroundings. If you are an introvert, who loves spending time indoors – this is a must. Going outside helps in acquiring new experiences, and the fresh air is a bonus.
Relax and do everything at your own pace.

Learn Something New

The world is a classroom. It encourages us to learn and upgrade ourselves. Choose a skill or activity you’ve been dying to learn. Try something creative or add up to your soft skills. Gaining new knowledge sustains your mental abilities for the long haul.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is essential. Often, you will find skipping glasses of water during the day. Don’t miss out now, Keep a log, set reminders, and be sure to drink at least 1 glass of water every hour.
 In your pursuit of hydration, you can get a cute new sipper to encourage yourself to drink more water.

Read More Books

Reading is a good habit to keep. Many people start a new book but never actually finish it. Reading a book needs a commitment. You can start with a genre of your choice to build interest. Stay determined to finish it. Or, join a book club where you can discuss and harvest new reading habits.

Volunteer for a Cause

Use your potential to do good. Volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Doing something worthwhile for society can bring positive change. You can help the animal shelter, serve food to the homeless, or spend time with the old. These acts can give your soul satisfaction and comfort.

Gratitude with Greeting Cards

Appreciation can do wonders. Acknowledge the people around you by sending them stunning greeting cards. You can write sweet messages of gratitude for them. Pick your favorite from a collection of creative social stationery to be ready for those 'just because' moments.

Never forget to share thank you notes after receiving a gift or following a kind gesture. This habit will help you build everlasting relationships and practice gratitude.

Closing Thoughts

The new year marks a wonderful beginning. It’s a fresh start to a new day, a new month, and a new year. New year resolutions are great to keep as everyone is fueled with motivation and zeal. This time you might as well stick to them. Rome wasn’t built in a day — only hard work and persistence can help you get there.

Begin the new year with hope and optimism!