CheerNotes’ Top Picks for Unique Birthday Greeting Cards Online

Celebrating your family and friends on their birthday with a thoughtful card is one of the best ways to show them how much you care. And getting them a card that fits perfectly with their personality that they haven’t seen anywhere else is even better. Here are some of our top picks for unique birthday greeting cards. 

For Your Grown Up Baby Boy

Mom hugging young son who towers over her.

Cover Text: “It doesn’t matter how big you get, you will always be my baby.”

Artist: Tara J., Founder of By Ms James

If all of a sudden you wake up one day and your son is towering over you, and you’re wondering how in the world that happened, this card is for you. The artwork is a lovely illustration of a mother hugging her very tall son, and the typography in the design makes a real statement. Grab one now for your not-so-little man HERE.

For the Little Girl with Big Dreams

Black silhouette on pink background featuring female with stylish up-do and white handwritten message over silhouette.

Cover Text: Little girls with dreams turn into women with vision.”

Artist: Natalie H., Founder of Pretty Peacock Paperie

You can probably think of at least one young girl in your family that this card would be perfect for. The cover art is a silhouette of a girl with a fabulous up-do and the white hand-written text really pops, especially against the bright pink background. The message is the perfect inspiration for any young, ambitious girl who’s only getting started but you know is going to accomplish great things. You can order yours HERE.

For Your Furry Friends

Sweet little puppy wearing purple birthday hat and matching collar.

Cover Text: Yappy Birthday

Artists: Carmelle & Robin, Founders of Neighborly Paper

Pet birthday parties are getting more and more popular, but the traditional greeting card industry is not keeping up with the demand. And that’s where we come in. This adorable card features a sweet little pup wearing a purple party hat and matching collar alongside the text. You’re going to be the star guest of the party with this unique card. Just grab some treats as a gift and you’re good to go. Stock up HERE.

For the Plant Queen

Woman sitting in high back, wicker chair with plants around her.

Cover Text: Happy Birthday Plant Queen

Artist: Lauren-Ashley B., Founder of Pineapple Sundays Design Studio

We all have that friend, right? The one who started by having one succulent in her apartment and somehow discovered her green thumb and is now obsessed with plants? The one who loves her plants like children? We’ll never know how she does such a great job keeping them alive, but this natural talent deserves to be celebrated with a birthday card just for her. Pick yours up HERE.

For the Fashionista in Your Life

Birthday message in center of card with colorful random geometric shapes and uppercase letters, HB, sprinkled over front of card.

Cover Text: Birthday, but make it fashion.

Artist: Krystal B., Founder of Kaleidadope

They’re going to love the designer-inspired pattern on this card, with a very chic “HB” detail. We love our fashion lovers for helping us keep our look on point, so show your appreciation with the perfect birthday card. You know they appreciate the finer things in life, and Birthday cards are no exception. Pick up your runway-inspired card HERE.

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These are just a couple of examples of the unique, diverse, and clever Birthday cards we have at CheerNotes. Go fill your cart and stock up on Birthday cards for the whole family HERE.