CheerNotes' Commitment to Diversity, Sustainability, and Empowerment

As a mission-driven startup, CheerNotes is dedicated to bringing diversity and perspective into the greeting card industry. We're a proud Black woman-owned business and a Black-owned business striving to make a difference in the world of stationery. In this blog post, we'll be delving deeper into our company values, our commitment to sustainable manufacturing, and the impact we're making through our partnerships with talented artists of color.

Addressing a Growing Problem: Lack of Diversity in Greeting Cards

With an increasingly diverse population in the United States, it's crucial for companies to recognize and celebrate the unique backgrounds and experiences that make our society vibrant. Yet, only 3% of greeting cards represent Black culture, and this percentage only grows to 7% when including Latinx, South Asian, or LGBTQ+ individuals. At CheerNotes, we believe it's time for a change.

This aligns with consumer trends. A McKinsey study from October 2021 found that two out of three Americans allow their social values to shape their shopping choices. This inclusive consumer group, representing around 45% of the population, believes that retailers should actively support Black-owned businesses and brands. By choosing CheerNotes, consumers can align their purchasing decisions with their values, supporting a business that actively promotes diversity, inclusion, and representation in the industry.

Empowering Diverse Artists and Communities

CheerNotes is an inclusive stationery design company on a mission to increase representation of diverse communities and perspectives through artists of color. We amplify the voices of these talented individuals, with over 85% of our artists being Women of Color and 95% being People of Color. A portion of every sale goes directly to our artist partners, ensuring that they are fairly compensated for their incredible work.

According to Mintel, people of color strongly agree with the statements: “being able to express my individuality is a top priority for me in life” and “my heritage is an important part of my identity.” By partnering with artists who share these values, we're helping to create a more inclusive and culturally rich selection of greeting cards for everyone to enjoy.


Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycled Content

Our commitment to positive change goes beyond our artist partnerships. We also prioritize sustainability in our manufacturing processes, using recycled content and environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. By choosing our products, consumers can trust that they're making a choice that's not only good for society but also for the environment.

Join Our Mission

CheerNotes is a mission-driven, Black woman-owned startup that's dedicated to empowering diverse communities and perspectives in the greeting card industry. By partnering with talented artists of color, implementing sustainable manufacturing practices, and catering to the values of the inclusive consumer, we're working tirelessly to make a difference.

Thank you for supporting CheerNotes and joining us on this journey to create a more diverse, sustainable, and inclusive world. Together, we can celebrate the beauty of Black culture and the many diverse perspectives that make our society unique.