Are Greeting Cards Better Than Emails and Text Messages?

Our means of communication have significantly changed over the past few years. Today, we mostly use digital communication, such as emails and text messages, to interact with our loved ones. But are they effective?

Well, digital channels are certainly fast and allow us to communicate in real time with a person who is living miles away. However, they cannot effectively communicate the emotions associated with messages.

When it comes to casual conversation, emails and text messages are fine. However, if you want to make your messages more impactful and nurture your relationship with someone, you should consider sending a personalized greeting card.

Greeting cards may seem outdated to some, but they are effective at communicating the emotions behind a message.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the key reasons why a greeting card is better than emails and text messages. So, let’s get started.

5 Reasons to Send Greeting Cards Over Emails and Text Messages

Whether it’s a special occasion or you simply want to connect with someone after a long time, you can send a greeting card with a personal message.

A Great Way to Surprise Someone

Receiving a greeting card in the mailbox can be a big surprise for anyone. Most people today forget the excitement and joy that comes with a greeting card - until one shows up! You can send modern greeting cards with unique designs to your loved ones and uplift their mood.

They are More Impactful

Unlike emails and text messages, people read messages within a greeting card with much more enthusiasm. Thus, it becomes easier to connect with the emotions behind the message.

If you want to motivate someone or let them know how much you care about them, nothing is more powerful than a greeting card with a handwritten message.

Shows Your Willingness to Invest in Your Relationship

To send a greeting card, you first need to choose a perfect design that matches the occasion, then you need to add a custom message, and finally send the card via mail (or hand it to them). 

When someone receives a greeting card from you, they can clearly see that you have made special efforts to connect with them, which will eventually nourish the bond that you share with them.

It is Possible to Store Greeting Cards as Mementos

Unlike emails and text messages that are available in digital form, greeting cards are tangible. Thus, it is possible to store them securely and cherish them forever.

A greeting card can last for a lifetime and that’s what makes it the right choice when you want to express your love or affection towards someone. Also, whenever your loved ones come across your greeting card in the future, they can relive the memories associated with it.

Carries a Personal Touch

When you add a custom handwritten message to a greeting card, you give it a personal touch. While writing a custom message on a card, you do your best to make every word count. This will make the message authentic and more meaningful.


Whether you want to wish a family member or a friend well on a special occasion or show your affection towards them, greeting cards are perfect. Also, you can easily search for and buy beautiful greeting cards online

A greeting card allows you to communicate with others in an exciting way. So, if you want to make your loved ones feel special, you should take the opportunity to send them a unique and meaningful greeting card.