5 Unique Wellness and Self Care Greeting Cards to Help Your Friends Through Hard Times

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to say to someone who is going through difficult situations in life, but a greeting card can definitely help. Here are some of our top picks to brighten someone’s day when they need it most.

Because Postpartum Depression Sucks and We Need to Talk About it More

Artist: Natalie H., Founder of Pretty Peacock Paperie

If there’s a new mom in your life who you know is going through postpartum depression, this card will speak to her soul and let her know that she is not alone. Everyone copes differently, but with this card she will know that someone is there for her, you understand that what she’s going through is not easy, and it will give her hope that she will get through it and be even stronger on the other side. Pick up your copy HERE.

A Thank You to Your Support System

Artist: Ebony N., Owner of Announce Divinely 

If you are coming out on the other side of hardship, you hopefully didn’t have to do it alone. If you had a support system there to cheer you on and make sure that even though you may have felt broken in the past, you were able to pick up those pieces and bring it all back together, delight them with this greeting card. Chances are they aren’t expecting any kind of thanks since that’s what great friends are for, but it’s an extremely nice gesture to recognize and appreciate their kindness. Grab your card on our site HERE.

To Celebrate the Soberversary


Artist: Sober Black Girls Club X CheerNotes Collaboration 

If someone has made the lifelong commitment to sobriety, you know that they went through a journey to get there. Sometimes sober-versaries are even more special and important to someone than their birthday, so it definitely deserves a card to celebrate. Maybe you knew this person before they got sober and have been there through the whole journey, or maybe you are a newer friend supporting them along the way. Either way, having someone else recognize the hard and ongoing work of getting and staying sober is very important and appreciated. You can purchase a soberversary card HERE.

To Raise the Vibration and Send Them Some Healing Energy

Artist: Tara J., Founder of By Ms James

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. People don’t only get sad because of a loved one passing or a breakup. There are all kinds of levels of loss, grief, and sadness, and this card can be fitting for any situation that needs healing. Especially if the person you’re sending it to is into spirituality, they will definitely “get it” and maybe even be inspired to set up a healing altar of their own. Sage, palo santo, crystals, candles… it’s all represented on this card, ready to work its magic. Grab yours now, HERE.

The Reminder That We All Need to Hear

Artist: Jean S., Founder of Little Feet's Opus

This is the kind of card that makes you just pause and take a deep breath because it’s so true. You might have that friend who is always doing everything they can for everyone else, and they forget that taking care of themselves should really be their top priority. They might need a reminder to put their gas mask on first so they can help others even better than they already are. “Protect your peace, at all cost,” is more than text on a card. It’s a whole mantra for living a happy and healthy life. You probably know more than one person who could benefit from hearing this message, so grab a couple of these stunning cards HERE.

Find the Perfect Pick-Me-Up Card at CheerNotes

We have even more wellness and self-care cards to look through on our website. Take a look at all of the different topics and beautiful artwork HERE. You might even find that some of them could be sent to someone just “because” and not for a specific reason! Nothing brightens a person’s day like getting a card reminding them how amazing they are. And with our diverse and inclusive collection, you’re going to find the perfect card that actually represents you and the recipient of the greeting card too.