5 Reasons to Give a Hand Written Note This Month

Are you planning something special for your loved ones this month? Do you want to greet them on their birthday or express how much you appreciate their presence in your life?

Well, whatever the occasion is, you should consider sending a handwritten note or letter. Yes, you read it right!

Ditch instant messaging platforms and express your feelings in a more exciting way. We are pretty sure that both you and your loved one will enjoy the thrilling experience associated with hand written notes.

Here, we share with you the top reasons to send a handwritten note to someone you love and admire.

1. It Will Be a Surprise

Connecting with your family and friends via social media platforms and instant messaging apps, like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. has become the new normal. They surely are great options when you want to connect with someone in real time. However, emails and instant messages fail to make a person feel excited and leave lasting impressions.

Receiving a handwritten note in the mailbox will be a big surprise for anyone. Also, the excitement that kicks in while figuring out who it’s from and what’s written inside will make it a memorable experience.

2. Feels More Personal and Caring

Whenever you send a greeting email or a text message, it’s hard for the person on the other side to figure out if you really mean it or if it’s just a formality.

However, when you send handwritten notes to your loved ones, it’ll become apparent that you have made special efforts to connect with them.

Creating a personalized handwritten note requires you to do everything from scratch, right from picking the perfect note design to choosing words that express your emotions effectively. And it won’t be hard for the person at the receiving end to notice that.

3. Brings Back the Old Memories

Many years ago, postcards and hand written letters were popular means of communication. However, today, sending and receiving letters is a thing of the past.

If you want to send a handwritten letter to someone who lived in the era when such letters were common, it would be a great idea.

It will bring back the old memories and make them feel nostalgic.

4. Every Word Counts

When creating a handwritten note, you have to carefully plan the message that you want to deliver.

It is quite important for you to become more thoughtful and ensure that you choose words that communicate your emotions in the best way possible.

This way, you not only be able to communicate your special messages but also the emotions behind them.

5. Tangible and Preservable

The best thing about a handwritten note is that it is tangible, and the recipient can preserve it as a memory.

The individuals to whom you send personalized notes will admire the efforts you put to write, decorate, and mail the notes. Thus, they will store them securely. 

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To Sum it Up

Handwritten notes allow you to add a personal touch to your message that is usually missing in text messages and emails.

Also, your loved ones will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating a handwritten note for them.