4 Black and Latina-Owned Brands for Holiday Cards

The season of festivities is just around the corner!

Joy and happiness are in the air. Everyone is looking forward to rejoicing with their family and friends. Sharing presents, greetings, and smiles through little gestures of affection. All of these things bring out the essence of the holiday season.

Did you know you could spread even more cheer during this time by shopping small? One way to do that is through your holiday cards by selecting from the creative, small businesses run by talented Black and Latina women.

This small but intentional act can be a big deal to small brands facing the economic challenges businesses are feeling these days.

Rather than lining up to get the same old greeting cards from big box stores, supporting a small business can make all the difference for you also. They bring a fresh perspective and creative ideas into the market which means your card won't be a triplet in the homes of your recipient. Let's face it, we've all received the same card 2-3 times! Plus, this will benefit communities and new voices, while building deeper connections.

‘Tis the season to shop holiday cards from the most popular Black and Latina-owned brands.

Buy Holiday Cards From the 4 Best Black and Latina-Owned Brands

Graphic Anthology

When you give or receive a greeting card, it's special! That’s the vision of Graphic Anthology. Founded in 2010, the brand offers creative art prints and stationery.

They have a growing collection of greeting cards, gift items, and more. Plus, everything on the website is designed and printed on recycled paper – an effort to save the environment.

Minimalist and delightful designs are key highlights of their holiday card collection. These greeting card designs focus on simplicity and will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

By Ms. James

The paper goods company, By Ms. James, is based on the real-life experiences and adventures of Tara James. Her cards reflect a certain sense of humor and relatability. She creates greeting cards with a free spirit and creativity.

Her holiday collection is no different. These quirky and stylish holiday cards are one-of-a-kind. The illustrations are pop of colors and freestyle designs. Funny puns included!

Pretty Peacock Paperie

Pretty Peacock Paperie is a Florida-based social stationery company producing custom wedding and event invitations. She creates the belief that life is too short not to enjoy life's big and small moments. You can choose products from their collection of relatable stationery for people who love inclusion and diversity.

Holiday cards drenched in the season's colors have an attractive appeal. These cards are a great way to greet your dear ones in a fun, loving manner. Also, you can add sweet custom messages in the space provided inside.


The new age experience, CheerNotes is founded by Asha Banks. She built the brand of greetings as a solid representation of the black community. Through these products, hidden artistic and design talent gets a new platform. Through this venture, Asha uplifts niche inside brands and artists.

You can find a perfect blend of good vibes and festive magic in their holiday collection. Stunning illustrations created with vivid colors and deep thought are an absolute banger. You will love to share these cards with your family, friends, or anyone you admire!

These small businesses owned by the Black and Latina communities showcase their creativity and talent every day. When you purchase from them, you support their numerous efforts and help them thrive. 

Last Words

The holiday season is the perfect time to spread smiles, love, and immense joy. Take this opportunity to share pleasant greetings with your friends and loved ones. Send them some creative holiday cards with your best wishes. Also, remember to shop from a small business to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs.