5 Awesome Engagement Card Ideas for Black and Brown Brides

Engagement is a memorable time in any bride’s life. Their joy is over the moon, and they want to celebrate their special moment with all their loved ones. 

So, how about sending an engagement card to join in on the joy?

However, there are not enough cards around for our gorgeous Black and brown brides. All you can find are generic cards — nothing special, nothing creative, and nothing that reflects you. 

Let’s make the celebrations extra special!

Share your happiness with wonderful engagement cards — designed exclusively for Black and brown brides. These cards are creative, elegant, and made to bring everyone closer.

Black and brown brides deserve to celebrate their memorable day in the most extraordinary way. And we have a wide selection of engagement cards, with diverse emotions to reflect how they really feel.

Best Engagement Card Ideas for Black and Brown Brides

Take a peek into the 5 awesome engagement card ideas you can use.

OMG Engagement Card

This card celebrates the special moment beautifully. A classic illustration of the moment when the new fiancée gets to show off her ring! The bling in the middle adds a touch of flair to the expressions of excitement you share inside.


Bride Tribe Card

Behind every bride is a squad of friends supporting her always. This bridal party proposal card featuring Black women is perfect for a bride who wants to pop the question to her bridesmaids or maid of honor. This card celebrates that bond of friendship with a stunning illustration and a beautiful quote on the top.


Bridal Party Card

The party begins when the bridal party arrives! Ask your bridesmaids to be in your party with this card. The card illustrates a Black bride and her party raising a glass to her new journey. A quirky quote is added on the cover to match the vibe and pump up their spirits.

Heaviest Times Card

Weddings are a sentimental time for all brides. There is a cascade of feelings within them. The card illustrates these emotions through the heavy attire worn by a South Asian bride on her wedding day. It signifies the weight of her sentiments in her bridal party proposal.

Finishing Off

Getting engaged can be an overwhelming time for every bride. It can be frustrating for Black and brown brides who want to feel represented in their bridal party proposal card. The engagement card ideas shared above capture all the emotions of the big day, starting with the engagement. You simply need to choose a card for engagement that fits your style perfectly whether you are celebrating an engagement with a card or asking your crew to be a part of your bridal party. The empty space inside the card awaits your precious words.