Asha Banks Founder CheerNotes

Our CEO, Asha Banks

"Cards should be able to capture something unique within your relationship; we’re making that happen with CheerNotes."

I’ve been asking “why do we have to just deal with what exists?” since I started my first product-based company in the early 2000’s while in jr. high school. That mindset followed me throughout my career as a chemical engineer, consultant and as a champion for equity, diversity and inclusion.

The inspiration for CheerNotes started with that same question while card shopping for my Mom. I was out of town for work and I had no idea where to find the “Black neighborhood” so that I could possibly have a more diverse selection of cards. It was crazy to me that I’d been doing this weird scavenger hunt for so long just to buy something that decently resonated with me.

It’s time to stop having to go the extra mile to authentically express ourselves or settle for something generic. Cards should be able to capture and share something unique within your relationship, even when you don't know what to say. We’re proud to help people express themselves with CheerNotes.

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We initiated our soft launch January 26, 2020, just in time for my mom's birthday! Leading up to the launch and well after, we have been supported by the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship and the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Not long after our launch, we were inducted into the Spring 2020 CMU National Science Foundation I-Corps program to continue customer discovery. 

We are proud participants of the Target Incubator 2020 Cohort sponsored by Target Corporation, June - September of 2020.